Monday 21 March 2005

Another year older...

Yup, another year older.

This year I just had a party with Grif at Mojo, and it was a lot of fun! I ended up getting quite drunk, and left a trail of destruction through the house though...
Good thing my flatmate is cool and just laughed at me.

Something that I didn't expect was my ex turning up and staying for the whole night.
I really appreciated that. Shows that despite the break up she still cares. Possibly.

Similarily, something I didn't expect was to go to her birthday and have an awesome time.
I ended up staying the whole night (not like that) and really enjoying just simply being friends. There was none of the usual paranoid regret I have had in the past at all night parties like that, and even the following days I had no come down from it, which was very good for my heart and mind.

I'm happy to say that I think the worst of the break up and feelings is over. I can now move on, and I'm glad to say I've still got a friend out of it.