Friday 27 March 2020


I thought I'd restart this thing just to get my random thoughts out there during these weird and frankly scary times, and to get my brain muscle working again.

So COVID-19 has destroyed all life on earth and I'm leaving this blog to inform future, possibly alien, archeologists just how an everyday person dealt with it, so they don't have the opinions of just the rich white men who own newspapers to rely on.

I mean, sure, I'm a white man, but I'm very fucking far away from being rich.

But I digress. You'll get that a lot in this blog.

So, I've been self isolating and working from home for two weeks now. Tigerspike, my workplace, encouraged everyone to work from home rather early in the spread of the disease, which was a good idea. So far in our organisation only one person has it, and they're in the American office. So no surprise there really - they fucked up their early preparedness and now have the most number of infections, and STILL their President is saying it will be over by Easter (in two weeks), and still there newspapers are saying it's not as bad as "the doomsayers" are saying.


I was meant to be up in sunny Brisbane, working on a project up there. But instead I'm working from home in (admittedly sunny) Melbourne.

It's not been easy. I've worked from home before, which was good. I was really productive most of the time. I'd get documentation written, JIRA tickets in order, test plans executed and bugs written up. (I'm currently working as a test analyst). During breaks I'd watch TV or play

But this is different. This isn't as easy. I am constantly distracted (hence this blog), I can't keep my concentration for longer than an hour, I can't go down to the cafe to grab a decent lunch or coffee. I rarely leave my room. I've got a constant headache from stress / worry and I feel like crying all the time. (Yeah, I'm man enough to admit it).