Tuesday 15 November 2005

The difference a year makes...

Ok, I normally don't blog about feelings and shit... I generally leave that for all the whack emo kids on MySpace, but I had to post this.

This time last year I was probably at the lowest I had been since a high school kid.

I felt worthless, pathetic, unloved, and rejected.

Most of that was because of my break up with Ribbon, which hit me harder than I ever expected. She was the first real love of my life. When we broke up I was shattered. And it took me a REAL long time to get over it.

Part of the reason it took so long is that DAMN houseboat trip... STUPID STUPID STUPID!

Anyway, a year later and everything is looking up. Job opportunities are opening up new and exciting horizons, I'm making lots of friends in and out of work, and I'm just feeling overwhelmingly happy with the way things are going.

I'm disapointed Ribbon and I never became close again, and probably never will because she's in the UK, but I hope everything works out well for her.