Tuesday 27 April 2010

Last day at Krome tomorrow

It will be my last day at Krome tomorrow.

I'm unemployed once again!

Fortunately I've got an interview on Thursday for a job which starts Friday, which is completely divorced from the Games Industry.

Not sure if I can do it to be honest. I've had shit jobs before, and whilst this one won't be as shit as them, it won't be what I want to do.

I want to achieve my goal of being a producer on a big title (essentially I want to be 'the next' Dude Huge) but with so many good people out of work all over the world it is incredibly competitive at the moment.

As I'm older than 35, and I don't have a US, Canadian or UK passport it makes the whole process a hell of a lot harder for me to be competitive.

So, I've been looking outside the Games Industry at stable employment.

I guess if I get it, I'll go with an open mind and try and enjoy a new experience.

Sunday 25 April 2010

Anzac Day

Although I'm pretty much a pacifist (although I think politicians who favour party over people should be hung) I'm someone who appreciates Anzac Day.

I've have a few friends who either are or were in the Forces, and plus my Uncle and Aunts served too, so there's army blood in me.

Also, whilst at times I've argued that the wars the Anzacs fought in didn't make a difference to the overall working of the world - for all Hitler's posturing, he was still a capitalist and capitalism has a way of making sure no matter who thinks they're in charge it's the correct functioning of capitalism which is most important - the fact of the matter is those people who fought, survived and died in those wars believed they could make a difference, and were willing to fight for that.

Because that's what is important - willingness to die for a cause, something intangible and noble.

I'll never fight for Australia, because it's only a freak accident I was born here.

But I would fight for my beliefs and my rights, because they're something I think I've earned, and more importantly, deserve to keep.

Saturday 24 April 2010

Looking for work, again.

Ok, so I missed a few days.

But it's going much better than I expected. I've posted 5 days out of 7, which I think is a record.

My social life is catching up with me so just a short post today.

I'm on the look out for a new job, so to anyone in the Games Industry if you have a Senior QA Lead or Assistant Producer role available, let me know via the links in my profile.

Anyone else, if you need a Writer/Journalist/Communications Officer, IT /Office Manager, or QA tester, again please let me know!

Wednesday 21 April 2010

More layoffs

There were more layoffs at Krome today.

This time it was mostly in Brisbane, but about 5 guys in Melbourne were let go too, which makes it near 100 people in the last 3 months, or a third of the company.

How can an industry which makes so much money be laying off so many people?

I mean, I know why, it's just that no one seems to give a shit.

Everyone is jumping on the mobile/facebook bandwagon, and that might make you a quick buck, but it's terrible for long term stability of the industry.

Problem is, if we're not careful there won't be anyone left in Australia to make games any more - not big budget PS3 / Xbox360 / Wii titles any way.

I used to agree with Walshy when he said Australian Games companies didn't need Government support. His argument was that if we had government support, we'd be forced to make silly games that were culturally relevant to Australia, pretty much like film has to. There's no market for that kind of thing outside Australia, and it's devoting resources away from the main income sources for games companies.

I mean, can you imagine Rabbit Proof Fence: The Game?

But it's obvious to me now that was a misguided and somewhat short sighted statement.

Sure, no one could have predicted the Global Financial Crisis, but if we secured tax breaks for Australian Games Studios, Krome and the other studios that have bled staff and even closed down over the last year would have been buffered from it like other industries have been.

And looking at other film funding initiatives - mostly state based - there's hardly any requirement to be culturally relevant.

And so what if there was? Make a silly game for school kids based on Ned Kelly's life for example, then make something decent for wider audience - at least there would be people still employed. It would be no different to the current projects Krome is trying to become involved in (which, due to NDA agreements, I can't go into).

Tuesday 20 April 2010


Just found out it's being reported that GURU of Gangstarr and Jazzmatazz fame has lost his fight with Cancer.

I'm holding out hope it's not true, but he has been sick for a while now according to other things I've read.

I talked to Guru for a few minutes a few years ago, and he was gracious and kind.


Cool for Cats

I have no love for Kim Kardashian and her fake tits and vacuous personality

Iin fact if I was to choose saving her over saving a cute little kitty cat, it'd be the cat every time.

At least it's in a cat's nature to be a total cunt. Kim has a choice.

But the hate for her about the cat holding is ridiculous beyond even the incredible size of her fake tits.

Have you ever seen a mother kitty pick up it's little kitty in it's claws and carry it in it's little front paws as it walks on it hind legs as it carries it gently to it's bed?


Cats are carried by the scruff of their neck!
It's natural. It's the way cats evolved. 
There is no way Kardashian would hurt that cat holding it like that.

You know, unlike most of these fucking retards in Animal Liberation groups like PETA, I've read Singer's book on Animal Liberation, and in many ways I do agree and share a similar stance.

But the extremism of these fucking stupid  PETA wanker is worse than the Catholics in their perversion of nature. 
They've taken what could was a beneficial response to a situation and corrupted it by taking it to the extreme limits of human comprehension, along the way forgetting their purpose and goals.
Supporters of PETA are a fucking disgrace to the human race.
Fuck I hate PETA. Fuck off you shit excuses for human beings.

Monday 19 April 2010


I wrote a big post about Public Transport on my iPhone, but discovered after closing the blogger app it doesn't save it unless you press "save".

Oh well, live and learn.


I think it's so cool so many people are impressed when I tell them I work for a games company.

I was on the phone to this girl about my banking issues, and she started talking about how none of the people in her office play videogames, and thinks it was cool how I did.

In retrospect, I probably should have asked her out...

Sunday 18 April 2010

Five Minutes of Funk

You may have noticed a change of name of this blog from Sound Off to Five Minutes of Funk.

I figure with internet at home, at work, and on my phone, I should be doing more with this interconnectivity, as well as better justify internet fees, at least to myself.

So, I'll be endeavouring to post for 5 minutes (or there abouts) every day.

Unlike previously with this blog, that may mean a lot more inane stuff, although when it comes down to it I am still me and will undoubtedly post things which are gratuitous self promotion, my wise and learned opinion on all things musical, watchable, readable or playable, or just me ranting about whatever.

As usual, I'll try to avoid blogging about feelings and personal shit, as that hardly interests me so why should it interest you?

I'll also feed into the blog from facebook and twitter, and vice versa.

I've got another idea I want to get off the ground that I want to call Sound Off... so keep an eye and ear out for that ;)

Tuesday 13 April 2010


Here's a list of the games I've worked on since 2003.

Krome Studios Melbourne:
QA on Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole on PS3, Xbox360 and Wii
QA on Game Room on Xbox360
Assistant Producer on unannounced and cancelled Wii title
Assistant Producer on Transformers: Rise of the Fallen on Wii/PS2
Lead QA on SceneIt? Box Office Smash on Xbox360
QA on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on Wii
QA on Hellboy: Science of Evil on Xbox360 & PSP
QA on The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels on Wii

Krome Studios Adelaide:
Senior QA on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on PSP
QA on The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night on Wii
QA on The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning on PS2

Ratbag / Midway Australia
Lead QA for Ratbag Games Tools
QA on Wheelman on PS2 (cancelled)
Lead QA on Speedway Sprintcars (PAL) on PS2
QA on Saturday Night Speedway on PS2 and PC
QA on Dukes of Hazzard:Return of the General Lee on Xbox

15 games and 1 set of tools. Not bad for a 7 year career that includes two layoffs in two different cities