Saturday 30 April 2005

Sciolism Update

You'll notice a bit of an update to the page...

This is to make fit in the theme of the whole website.

I've also rearranged a few bits and pieces, and added a "Now Cranking" box that displays what I'm listening to on my computer when I'm online... pretty cool hey?

Wednesday 27 April 2005


I have awesome news...

But I'm not allowed to tell anyone... THIS SUCKS BALLS!

But it's damn exciting, and hopefully I'll be able to position myself into an opportunity of a lifetime!

Trust me, I'll let you know as soon as I'm able too!

I haven't been this happy in ages!!!

iTunes Australia opening tomorrow?

There's this from Russel Crowe

and then there's this

One thing though... In the SMH article it says "iTunes is the only site where iPod users can legally download songs"

I'm not sure that this is entirely true... What about Bigpond music, NineMSN's music service, and free artist driven sites like and the like?


This fun and surprisingly addictive little web game by Grant Robinson presents a bunch of photos and asks you to guess what google keyword was used to generate the file... Enjoy!


Monday 25 April 2005

The Zen Garden

Ease your mind in the Zen Garden without hurting your back!

The Zen Garden

Hacker attacks music file sharers

According to this report - Hacker attacks music file sharers - a worm disguised as a DVD ripping program is making it's rounds on P2P networks.

Apparently it looks through your harddrives and removes any and all MP3 files.

Am I being majorly cynical, or could this be the work of the RIAA and MPIA in order to punish file sharers?

For why would a hacker, who generally in principle, is for music and DVD copying, write this? Why would a hacker, who hacks and uses tools to get around copyright and reverse engineer do something like this?

I know there are people who are simply writing virus for the fun of it, but this one seems far more nefarious in nature...

Sunday 24 April 2005

Moving time!


This blog has moved again!

This time it's moved for good! It will now be a part of

There will be less reviews - they'll go into the main section of my site - and more of me crapping on!

Oh, and I should add that I'm going to be moving house again soon.

Unlike last time I moved, I'm looking forward to it!
I love my current housemate to bits, and she's been very good to live with since breaking up with my ex, but she wants to move to the 'burbs so her cats can have a nice grassy lawn to play in.
I, on the otherhand, prefer city life. It's great for me - nearly everything I do is in the city, and seeing as how I have no car and license it's central to buses etc.
The house I'm moving out to is SOOOOO cute! I don't normally think architecture in terms of "cute" or whatever, but this house is so cool!
I cant' wait to move, but I will miss my current flatmate heaps...

as we say... FOC!

Monday 11 April 2005

NEW WEBSITE! is now back up and running a full CMS featuring all my articles and reviews.

I haven't uploaded everything just yet, but should hopefully have it all there by the end of April.
I've still got about 100 articles to copy and paste and format...

Not sure if I'll keep this blogger site or merge it in with the other... I'll let you know ;)