Sunday 29 May 2005

Vote for Funky J in the ITM top 50

Yes, you can vote for me in the inthemix Top 50 DJ Poll.

Last year I ranked about 4,369 and this year I want to get even higher! =)

Take a listen to one of my mixes or come along to Mojo West on Hindley Street on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, or even listen to my radio show on Radio Adelaide 101.5 fm
(although I don't mix on the radio - no decks...)

Wednesday 25 May 2005


the Breakfastaz are playing in Adelaide on the June Long Weekend!

I am more excited about this than anything that has happened in AGES!

Along with Krafty Kuts and the Freestylers, the Breakfastaz make up 90% of my DJ sets. I am so very keen to hear and see them perform live... it's going to be massive!

Also, Krafty Kuts is playing in July at the same venue, and I am so keen for that too!

I don't care if it is like when Deekline played and it was essentially me and 5 mates on the floor, this is going to rock!!!

Monday 23 May 2005

argh! Dial up!!!

Argh! I've returned to dial up from home!

This is a terrible, terrible situation! Everything is so incredibly slow, I'm just not used to it. It's been about 5 years since I first got high speed internet, and I have become so accustomed to it.

I think this is part of the reason I've never got my license - I know once I start driving, I'll NEVER want to go back to walking / public transport...

It's only until Friday, but that's still a long, desperate wait. At least I have Foxtel to keep me occupied.

But this week just gone I saw Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith at the midnight screening, and thought fairly highly of it. It's easily the best in the new triology, and possibly better than Jedi. I need to see it again to give a more thorough review, but my intial impression is 8/10

I also was taken to see Henry Rollins stand up routine, and that was hilarious. Rollins is a master ranter, and funny as hell. Big shout outs to Maz and Nige for the ticket.

Wednesday 18 May 2005


At the moment I'm internet-less from home because I've just moved house, so I'm posting from work.

Work's also moved offices, and is still being finished, so there's lots of paint fumes... expect ratbag to come up with some awesomely freaky games because of this :D

I've got no desk for my PC at home either, coz it won't fit up the stairs... but I'm in the process of rectifying that with an axe and some glue.

I should have a 12MBS ADSL connection from home in a week or so, so I endevour to finish off posting all my articles to the website, and fixing it up a little more.

Saturday 7 May 2005

The Bali 9

This report on mediawatch about the Bali 9 and the arrangements made by Channel 9 for "exclusives" makes me sick.


How DARE anyone at channel 9 call themselves "journalists".

These people who work for Channel 9 would have done a similar course to what I studied, and yet they have no ethics, no morals, are just filthy, disgusting leeches.

We all know Ray Martin is a bastard from his attack on John Safran [video1] [video2], but you've got to wonder if it isn't a corporate policy to stomp all over common decency and respect for journalism...

Wednesday 4 May 2005

Yet another report about games & kids...

But this one actually states games are good for kids!

Guardian Unlimited - A good sport

I particularily like this quote: "It's like broccoli is good for you, but 15 kilos a day probably isn't" on playing too much games...

Great to see some positive news about gaming for once, and hopefully the $90 Million that Hillary Clinton is going to pay some lucky schmucks echoes these findings - although I seriously doubt it because you don't pay someone $90 million dollars to have them turn around and tell you that your beliefs are wrong.