Thursday 11 September 2014



No, I'm really not ok.

I live in a great country which is being destroyed by people so comfortable that:

They think it's good to imprison people who flee for their lives. They have no problem with two people dying in our care, with hundreds of children imprisoned simply because they're not white and not Christian.

They think it's good to support a war with no clearly defined outcome in Iraq, even though the last TWO have achieved nothing but instability and anguish in the entire region.

They think it's good for people younger than them to pay through the arse for an education, an education they either got on the public purse, or were too stupid and lazy to achieve themselves.

They think it's fair to give young people who are looking for jobs NO MONEY for six months. There are 720,000 job seekers, and only 140,000 jobs available for them.

They think it's good to sell off a public broadcaster, and give Australia's voice in the Asia-Pacific region to a private company which is notoriously anti-Asian.

They think uncovering corruption in unions is more important than the systematic abuse of children for over 200 years by Religious Institutions.

They think having Chaplains who describe eating difficulties in a 14 year old girl as her "starving for Christ" and saying gay people should "pray away the gay" is not only acceptable, but preferable to having trained child counsellors in public schools.

Where people have marched in the streets every month, and instead of listening to the growing number of people in those streets, the Government keep cutting, shutting, and lying to us...

So, to quote Marsellus Wallace: "No man, I'm pretty f*cking far from OK."