Saturday 13 May 2006


1. What is your favourite beer?
Coopers Pale Ale.

2. Favourite mixed drink?
Scotch & Dry

3. Favourite Shot?

4. Who's your favourite person to go drinking with?

5. Favourite bar?
Mojo (mainly coz I quite often get free drinks)

6. If you are trying to get really drunk, you drink...?
Red wine and Spirits. But then I usually vomit, and I hate vomiting

7. Favourite day of the week for drinking?

8. First drink you ever had?
Apparently I was fed Bundy and Coke when I was 2 years old by accident.

9. First drink you got drunk from?
Brandy. Can't stand the stuff now.

10. When was the last time you drank?

11. Last time you got really drunk?
Friday 5 May at Scribble Jam. Was taking photos, and was drinking coz there was no one I knew there.

12. Last time you got sick from drinking?
See above. Although I didn't actually spew, but I almost did.
Last time I spewed was last year sometime, after Going out drinking with my mate Paul.

13. Last time you passed out from drinking?
See above, but I was at home so it was ok...

14. What's your favourite holiday to drink?
Good Friday.

15. Have you ever started drinking before noon?
Yup. The day of the Big Day Out it's traditional for me to have a beer for breakfast.

16. Favourite thing to eat when drunk?
BBQ food. Sanga and bread and sauce.
Or if I'm drinking wine, then cheese and crackers.

17. Favourite drinking game?
Starwars drinking game.

18. Favourite person to have drunk conversations with?
Lexy and Grif

19. Favourite person to call when you are drunk?
I don't call people, but I sms them. And it's generally anyone's name I can read on the phone's display.

20. Favourite song to sing at the bar?
Whatever everyone else is singing.

21. Best drunk story you ever heard?
My mate was walking from his girlfriends house to his house in Elizabeth, couldn't make it so passed out on someone's lawn, with a newspaper over him to keep himself warm. When he woke up, his sunnies had been stolen, but nothing else.

22. What famous person would you like to go drinking with?
The guys from Pop Will Eat Itself.

23. Where's your ideal drinking location?
At a BBQ. I love beer and BBQ.

24. Any alcohol related arrest?
Nope. I never get too messy out and about...

Monday 1 May 2006

Quick Catch Up!

Ok, some things that have been going on lately: