Saturday 29 October 2005

Newsfeeds & Podcasts!

For the more observant of you out there you may notice a slight change to the website, again a shameless attempt of greater promotion of my website.

I now have Feedburner links to this Blog and my two podcasts - FunkyJ's Interview Podcast and the City Zen Radio Archive.

Feel free to subscribe to the feeds and download my podcasts!

Thursday 27 October 2005

Doom the Movie

Saw it last night (for free... thanks Dan!)

quick review:

The music score is by Clint Mansel of Pop Will Eat Itself (he also did music for Requiem For a Dream and Sahara)
The Rock's face does indeed look like the hapless marine in the original Doom game, especially when he gets the BFG.
Good lighting that matches Doom III's feel (although this is probably more a reflection on the goodness of the game than the goodness of the movie)
The first person scene is pretty good.
Samantha Grimm (Rosamund Pike)

Doom I (the game) had a better storyline. The film was predictable and lame.
The acting is pretty dull. The Rock is the Rock, Keith Urban is under utilised, Rosamund Pike doesn't get her tits out, and the dialogue is pretty damn awful most of the time.
NO HELL! Doom is all about demons from hell. Anything else is NOT Doom.
Moreover they kept refering to Mars being "Hell" and the monsters as "Those Demons", but the creatures were genetically engineered... make up your friggin mind.
Not enough gun play - Doom is all about killing demons.
The end credits are whack... what were they thinking!?!

Wednesday 26 October 2005

oh god, I've turned into an old man who writes letters to the editor!

But I couldn't help myself!


read my letter in the latest Escapist Magazine...

iTunes Australia Finally opens!

yeah, it was yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to blog about it... although I did make a forum post on XBWAustralia.

Here's part of the Press Release I got about it:

Apple today launched the revolutionary iTunes Music Store in Australia, giving Australian music fans the same innovative features, breakthrough pricing and seamless integration with iPod that have made iTunes the world's most popular music jukebox and online music store. The iTunes Music Store is now available in 21 countries and features the most music of any digital music store in Australia with over one million songs from major and independent record labels and over 1,000 music videos. Priced at just $1.69 per song, $3.39 per video and with most albums at $16.99 including GST, the iTunes Music Store in Australia is the best way for Mac and PC users to legally discover, purchase and download music online.

"We're thrilled to bring the revolutionary iTunes Music Store to Australia," said Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of iTunes. "iTunes features the largest catalogue of local and international music in Australia with over one million songs, enabling music fans to purchase their favourites with one click and have them automatically sync to their iPod."

Exclusive music featured today includes tracks from Australian artists Missy Higgins, Bernard Fanning, Paul Mac, Evermore, Gyroscope and The Dissociatives. Extensive catalogues are available from Australian greats INXS, Hunters & Collectors, Paul Kelly and Slim Dusty. In addition, there are iTunes Originals from local heroes Spiderbait, and international stars R.E.M., Alanis Morissette, LL Cool J, PJ Harvey and Sting. International exclusives include Madonna's entire catalogue, digital box sets from U2 and Stevie Wonder, albums with digital booklets from Jack Johnson and Elvis Costello and more exclusives from Black Eyed Peas, Tiesto, Bloc Party, Elbow, Hayley Westenra and Jamie Cullum. Exclusive videos include U2, an online Beastie Boys exclusive and an extensive Madonna catalogue. The iTunes Podcast Directory features over 25,000 Podcasts, including featured Australian Podcasts from ABC, Triple J, Triple M and SBS Radio.

Interestingly enough, today the iTunes store from within iTunes keeps timing out... must be getting hammered pretty hard I suspect.

I'm going to spend the weekend editing my interviews, and converting my CityZen Radio shows into MP3 format, and add them to the podcasting section.

Considering my Grand Master Flash interview has had over 200 hits, I'm hoping my podcast will bring more people to my website...

Maybe I'll even put some adverts on it to get a bit of cash from all this work I've done... ;)

Monday 17 October 2005


There was a mini lego showcase on in Adelaide at the Myer Centre over the school holidays.

This is one of my photos.

More Here

Wednesday 12 October 2005

More Apple Hate!

Why do people think Apple is the bizniz when it comes to "user friendly"?

For example, I listen to LOTS of mix CDs, and when I import them to iTunes it does it by Artist / CD Title, so now I've got about 14 million 'artist' folders with one 'album' folder with one song in them. That's NOT very well organised, and I can't see a way to change that.

The ONLY way I can see around this every single time I put a mix CD, is to make sure I press "ctrl + I" and mark as "record is a compilation", which of course isn't user friendly at all, BUT A FUCKING PAIN IN THE ARSE!

Oh, and god forbid if you ever let iTunes organise your music folder... I did that at home and it RUINED MY MP3 COLLECTION.

I have lots of mashup and legitimate user created MP3s that have a name like "artist_TrackTitle.mp3" and nothing inside the file - I know what it is by it's MP3 name. But iTunes doesn't like that.

It took me 6 hours to correct the "organising" iTunes decided to do, which was more like coming into a library, grabbing anything that doesn't have the title and author written on the inside cover, and throwing it into the air.

And yet Apple / Mac users claim Apple is better than PC / Microsoft... pfft!!!

Tuesday 4 October 2005

Parklife Review

I walked to the venue as I was in a walking mood, and whilst it was a fair away from the city centre, it was a lovely spring day and I enjoyed looking at Sydney on the way there.

The area of Parklife was massive, probably the equivalent of Adelaide’s Rymill Park. There were 3 main stage areas, plus lots of space in between. The line up to get in wasn’t too bad, taking about 10 minutes to get in once the gates actually opened.

After grabbing a drink, the first set I listened to was James Taylor and Price Cuts, who were spinning on the main outdoor stage. Nice funky breaks and a little bit of hiphop.

On the smaller Dedouin stage, Uncle Ho was doing a live thing, and that was really cool. Nice sax playing under trippy beats. I stayed in that area for FunkTrust, who rocked the gathering crowd playing funky hiphop. I love hiphop DJs who scratch and cut, and was very impressed with these dudes.

Kid Kenobi was on the Outdoor stage with MC Sureshock, and basically from this moment on I stayed listening to the music at this stage. It was mostly breaks and hiphop – my two favourite styles. Kid Kenobi and Sureshock tore it up – I was glad because Kid Kenobi can rather cheesy at times, but this was a rather good set. It’s funny how the Sydneysiders pay out the MC, whereas in Adelaide it’s Sureshocks’ skills as an MC that give’s Kid Kenobi a little more respect amongst Adelaide’s dnb loving heads.

Ugly Duckling was up next. I love UD, they remind me of the early Beastie Boys. They did mostly older, well-known tunes such as eye on the gold chain and just a little samba, but also did a new tune that takes the same riff as a Solesides tune, which was pretty good.

Rennie Pilgrem jumped up onto stage next, with MC Chick-aboo busting out rhymes for him. I was very impressed with what he played, lots of new TCR stuff, as well as a few Pilgrem favs such as Emit/Collect and Cous Cous. He played some pretty rocking tunes – filled with guitar samples and a fairly rock and roll vibe, much like Evil Nine’s stuff.

During his set I had to take a breather, and headed to see A Skillz at the Bedouin stage. There were a lot more people now, and unlike earlier, there was little noise bleed from the main stage. From where I was sitting I couldn’t see A Skillz, but I could hear him cutting it up wildly.

Roots Manuva and his band begun on the main stage, and I sauntered over to check him out. Man, he is GOOD! It’s bloody criminal he’s not played in Adelaide. He’d go off here big time. I wasn’t able to stand for much of his set, but sat down near the lake, facing the stage grooving away.

I wanted to see some of Numark, as he’s one of my favourite DJs, but the Drumattic Twins came on the main stage and got my booty off the ground and shaking again! These guys are fast becoming my favourite breaks act - they were ‘best of show’ for Winter Breaks last year, and were easily the best set of the night. Playing lots of Finger Lickin’ stuff, including Plump DJs, Soul Of Man, and their own stuff, and lots of acapellas and making on the spot naughty bootlegs by looping hiphop and RnB vocals over the top… fantastic!

One word springs to mind with the Freestylers – inconsistent. They started off really strong with fasten your seatbelts and Cut & Run’s Starwars sample laden Dark Side but then they went into hiphop, and then cheesy breaks like push up, then drum’n’bass and then back to heavy breaks. I expected a much more flowing set, and better mixing. They seemed to be cutting in with other tracks too soon, or too late. I’ve heard countless Freestylers live sets and they were much, much better than this. MC Sirreal was calling for more foldback, so maybe the sound was fucked. I was just disappointed that they weren’t mind blowing I guess, but it was still good to hear some of that nasty breaks being played and seeing the crowd go off.

The crowd was awesome, filled with some right trippers and some absolutely fantastic looking women... although the Sydney peeps I was hanging out with said that was a little unusual to see so many fine bods... they must have heard I was going and made an effort =)

I took some pictures and you can find them >HERE<

All in all well worth the trip over and getting Bronchitis ;(

I enjoyed it so much I got a ticket to Field Day yahoo.gif

Monday 3 October 2005

Parklife Photos!

Crowd shot
Crowd shot,
originally uploaded by Funky J.
I'm still a little trashed so will write my impressions of ParkLife in Sydney a little later, but this was the first time I got to really give my camera phone a good workout.

The pictures didn't come out too badly, but the phone says 4x digital zoom and I couldn't figure out how to zoom - it only wanted to zoom in video mode - so I took the pictures just with the wide angle.

Anyway, pictures have been uploaded to my Flickr site...