Wednesday 15 March 2006

Feature article with Hilltop Hoods

My interview with the Hilltop Hoods is the Feature front page story in dB magazine.

CLICK HERE to read it, or pick up your copy of dB where ever you see it!

Wednesday 8 March 2006

Mew mix online!

I've got a new mix online!

It's called OneTake, because it's one man's take on breaks, and was done in one take* - I was just pulling these out of my record box and trying to mix them as I went along...

Click HERE to download

Track Listing:
Fasten Your Seatbealts – Pendulum vs Freestylers
Overneath – Aquasky & Meat Katie
CreepShow (Soul of Man remix) – Plump DJs
Mindfunkpsychedelic – Elite Force
7 Nation Army (Adam Freeland Mix) – White Stripes
Lovers not Fighters – Evil Nine
Midnight – Breakfastaz
Bullet Time – Autobots and & Deep Impact
SwingPunk (Aquasky & Masterblaster Remix) – Factor E
The Spanish Tune – Autobots and & Deep Impact
Ultrafunkula – Autobots and & Deep Impact
Get Into It – Far Too Loud & Code Zero
Rock That Shit (Smithmonger remix) – J-Bass & Journeyman

*technically it was 2 takes, but during the first take my minidisc recorder ran out of batteries

Monday 6 March 2006

Getting Up: contesting the ban

The guys at jumpbutton, an excellent Australian games and culture startup magazine have posted An open letter to Philip Ruddock regarding the OFLC decision to refuse classification to the computer game, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Head over, give it a read, blog about it, and then write to Mr Ruddock and have your say about how wrong this decision is.