Wednesday 16 November 2011

Ah Lovely Auckland...

People who read this site, people who know me, and even those people who have only met me a few times, will tell you this: I LOVE music.

People may have mixed opinions about me, some may think I'm a straight up utter prick, but they'll all agree on one thing: I LOVE music.

Even my email signature reads: Without Music, Life is an Error.

I love DJing. I love playing people new music, making mix tapes, trading music...

I'll even listen to music I might usually hate in order to find something I like (like with Dubstep. I've found heaps of stuff I like through dubstep, but then it becomes labelled - by others - as "not really dubstep". Which confuses me even more... anyway...)

One thing I'm particularly known for is going out to see bands ands DJs.

Portishead played here in Auckland last Thursday night. I've wanted to see them for so long! I missed their last tour back in the 90s, and I was going to go to Sydney to see them and that all fell through, but then I found out they were playing here, and grabbed tickets.

And they were fabulous. Really, everything I was expecting, and still amazing. There's only a few other bands who've exceeded my often admittedly high expectations - Pop Will Eat Itself, DEVO, The Flaming Lips, Muse, and Pixies.

But you know what?

The gig wasn't sold out. Wasn't even chockers.

To me, that's insane. The very idea that Portishead didn't sell out somewhere is mindboggling. That's like... the Beatles performing in 1964 and people not screaming at them for the whole concert. That's like... something I can't think of, because philosophically I can't consider a thing I'd never think about!

To put this in even greater perspective: Adelaide sold out! Within days of announcement!


So I find myself wondering, how the hell is it I find myself living in a place where Portishead didn't sell out?

Wednesday 2 November 2011

#fivewordreviews CD: PWEI - New Noise Designed By a Sadist

CD: PWEI - New Noise Designed By a Sadist:

Only Graham, but still rocking!

five word reviews???

Remember how I said I was going to do five word reviews?

Well, that kind of bit the dust when I couldn't get access to any CDs and such.

But, I've got access to Shock, Fuse, and EMI plus a few other places, so will continue them forthwith.