Saturday 27 November 2004

Rockin' it once again!

Well, I rocked it once again at Mojo last night!

When I first got there I was shit - I was in such a bad mood that it effected my mixing to the point where I gave the decks over to Trucker as soon as he arrived. DJs never surrender the decks easily...

I was going to leave, but something made me stay...

Maybe it was all the hot chicks in tight, revealing clothes.

I stayed for and, loath to admit, enjoyed Truckers set... and enjoyed Crispins too but always do... but then Crispin had to go to another gig and Grif still hadn't arrived, so I stepped up.

As soon as I put the first record on, the dance floor filled. I don't know, maybe the people were up for dancing to breaks rather than 2-step, but I started playing funky party breaks - Finger Lickin', Krafty Kuts, Freestylers and the like, and people just filled the floor.

I had the dancefloor more packed than I ever have in the past.


Because I was in a bad mood I took a lot of harder stuff, as well as hiphop, and was starting to think 'what the fuck do I play now?" but then Grif arrived.

He had to bail straight after his set, so I did the closing set by playing a lot of hard nasty breaks and basslines (Aquasky, the Breakfastaz, etc) and left around 3:30 because I was totally stuffed.

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