Tuesday 28 December 2004

worst.christmas.ever... for millions of people!

At least my life hasn't been impacted on by the Tsunami that hit Asia.

I had some friends over in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia somewhere, but they are all OK and accounted for, thank God!

I feel sorry for the families who have lost loved ones, their homes and livelihoods.

Although I'm totally broke now, hopefully I will be able to give some money to Red Cross in a few weeks. I won't be able to give much, but every little bit helps!

To make a donation to Red Cross Australia CLICK HERE
or call the Hotline on Freecall 1800 811 700 (Australia Only)
or send a cheque/money order to GPO Box 9949 in Your Capital City
(citing the Asia Quake and Tsunamis Appeal)

And for those who are concerned about Australian relatives or friends in the affected countries please contact the DFAT Hotline: 1800 002 214 or visit www.dfat.gov.au.

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