Sunday 9 January 2005

Crazy weekend

Well, what a crazy, alcohol fueled weekend!

Friday night was a going away party for one of the guys leaving work.

He's going to China to work on games over there. Hopefully in a few years time I'll feel confident enough to take on a role like that. I've only been working at Ratbag for just over a year, and although I can do testing fine, there aren't many testing jobs about the place. Once I get into level design things might be different.

Anyway, it was at the Grace Emily, a cosy little pub in the city, and I got very pissed and unlike last time I was there, throughly enjoyed myself.

On Saturday, I was invited to an old school friend's birthday. I was only invited on the Friday, and their house is ages out of the city, and as I still rely on public transport I thought it just wasn't worth it... If I had a little more time, I woud have saved money for a cab!

Anyway, I stayed home, had a drink or two, watched foxtel, and my flatmate went out to a dinner, bringing peeps back with her, and then inviting more along the way.

It was a pretty damn crazy night, between about 8 of us we polished off 12 bottles of wine!

I passed out at around 4 or 5 am, and apparently some guy got a wicked blood nose (thru natural cause - we aren't violent people ;) and my wonderful flatmate cleaned it all up, and then continued to do the whole house before I got up! It helped that she was geared up to do it...

Needless to say I'm feeling pretty seedy right now :-S

Next week is the Schutzenfest (aka the Shit Faced Festival) and I might head along, although it tends to be a VERY expensive day, and I have little money...

However, if a certain someone goes, I'll probably go too...

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