Monday 12 December 2005

One Enchanted Evening

Ok, so I've been busy / lazy and not updated my webpage...

Lots going on in my life, but not much I really want to share with the world... it's kinda personal, and I don't want to jeopardise things by blogging about it yet.


I do have a new DJ mix for you to download and enjoy...

It's called "One Enchanted Evening" and I did it on the evening of a rave called "Enchanted Forest 2006"...

Spin Spin Saccharine – Sneaky Pimps
Gonna Keep On – Soul Of Man
Good Times (Atomic Hooligan remix) – J Cat
Direct Hit – Aquasky
Bump & Grind (Krafty Kuts remix) – Friendly
Tricked – Bootylicious
Once Upon a Time – Dreadzone
Put Up Your Hands – Scam
Murder in the Jamrock – Cut & Run
Boom Blast (Deekline & Wizard remix) – Freestylers
Greenlight – Breakfastaz
Both Knees (Breakfastaz remix) – Split Loop
Obssessive Nature – Kiro Vs Undecided
Kinky – Plump DJs

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Sounds good it seemed even your track lists more on enchantment thingy. lol! Cheers!

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