Wednesday 11 January 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Someone mentioned to me that I haven't posted on my blog for a while, which was good twofold because it reminded me to blog, and also indicates somebody reads my shit!

Well, I had a massive Christmas and New Year!

It all started on the 23rd, when I went to see Calyx, Dom & Roland and Pendulum at Earth Nightclub. Rather than me letting you all know how it was, I'll direct you to read my review!

Christmas this year was a million times better than last year - no bad dreams, no missing busses or tains, and no racist pricks! I went up to mums and I got some Joop, a pillow (which hasn't helped my shoulder at all... dodgy physio!) and some cash. I gave her a portable phone with an inbuilt answering machine.

Christmas night was cool - went up to Maz's and had a bit of a spa. My girlfriend (I think that's what I can call her... she's a girl who is a friend... and we are kind of seeing each... kind of...) was acting a bit weird though... Well, I thought she was... maybe i was just paranoid! I don't know, we have an odd relationship. She has some issues with her ex, but don't we all, and on top of that I don't know where I'm going to be working/living, so it's kind of hard to start something serious... although I think I'd like to with her... She's a little hottie and we get along quite well. She has the cutest butt... but I digress...

Then on the 29th I headed out to see Krafty Kuts and Stanton Warriors. I've been pushing breaks for years, and finally it seems Adelaide is getting into it! Again, rather than me typing out what I thought, I'll let you to read my review! Suffice to say that that was the BEST breaks night in Adelaide, and a sign Adelaide is finally accepting breaks!

Right after that finished, at 6 am I flew to Sydney for Shore Thing and Field Day. I wanted to shop in the city on Friday, but I ended up sleeping the day away. Lisa and Simon took us out to one of their friend's girlfriends birthday dinner, and I wasn't really impressed with the food... I think we have better Thai resturants in Adelaide.

On Saturday caught up with an old friend Venita, and realised there's lots of ex-South Aussies living in Sydney. That night we visited some more of Lisa and Simon's friends, then went out to see Fat Boy Slim at Shore Thing. I had a ball! James Taylor was rocking it before Fat Boy Slim stepped up, and Fat Boy Slim played a lot of classics - both his and others - and wasn't too housey or cheesy!

Field Day was a scorcher... 44 degrees! It was an amazing day though... Evil Nine were awesome, but pity they weren't on later. Stantons rocked it again, and I enjoyed Sanchez and I'm not normally into his sounds. DJ Format played some nice funk and hiphop and made me not too sad I missed out on Andy Smith in Melbourne. Infusion were good, but Stereo MCs were better, even though the crowd was rather muted. Kid Kenobi was rather average, but Soul of Man were another highlight! After a 44 degree day, we had 100 km/h winds, and the breaks stage was closed down, so I had to see Bob Sinclar play... I hated every tune I heard Bob Sinclar play, especially that whack one with the whistling 'Love Generation'... OMG Can a tune BE any more annoying??? Moving Krafty to the main stage was the best decision they could have made, but MC Dynamite was whack though... he can do heaps better! KISS came on at the end, and although it was weird, I saw the humour in it, even if every other person around me complained.

I had to fly back at 6am the next day... well, thought it was 6am but it was actually 7... oh well, better to be early than late for a plane!

When I got back I slept all day, and then on Thursday I went saw King Kong with Lisa. I really enjoyed that. What I didn't enjoy was having to bail on her at 4 in the morning because my shoulder is so fucked!!! I don't know what I've done, but if I lie down for more than a few minutes it aches like hell. I really, really hated to bail on her, but I had to come home and take painkillers.

We caught up again on Sunday and went to see the Goonies at the Moonlight Cinema, which was also really nice...

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