Sunday 5 February 2006

Big Day Out 2006

This years Big Day Out wasn't really all that memorable or spectacular, apart from me DJing of course!!! biggrin.gif

I DJed after Ian, the guy who used to do Pop... he plays 80s/90s 'goth' and alternative music, I couldn't hear what I was mixing AT ALL, I just had to mix in the headphones and hope it sounded ok, but it was HEAPS of fun!!!

I played some Finger Lickin funk and bootys, then dropped jungle... Had HEAPS of people come up to me and thank me for playing it... one guy even ran off and got all his mates to come back to listen to me good.gif

I played for nearly and hour and a half, and dropped some harder breaks to finish...

I couldn't record it, and I have absolutely no idea what it sounded like, but I think I did a good job... had heaps of people dancing, and knew they were dancing to me coz they all cheered when I dropped certain tracks, like Super Sharp Shooter and Fasten Your Seatbelts...

Man, it was so much fun... I gotta make sure I do it again next year!!!


  1. Hey I remember you - and you were crap! Still, you seem to think that you're ok, so that's all that matters. Mediocrity is it's own reward.

  2. I'm not doing this for a living... it's a hobby.

    I enjoyed myself, the crowd enjoyed themselves, and THAT, my friend, is what matters!