Wednesday 8 March 2006

Mew mix online!

I've got a new mix online!

It's called OneTake, because it's one man's take on breaks, and was done in one take* - I was just pulling these out of my record box and trying to mix them as I went along...

Click HERE to download

Track Listing:
Fasten Your Seatbealts – Pendulum vs Freestylers
Overneath – Aquasky & Meat Katie
CreepShow (Soul of Man remix) – Plump DJs
Mindfunkpsychedelic – Elite Force
7 Nation Army (Adam Freeland Mix) – White Stripes
Lovers not Fighters – Evil Nine
Midnight – Breakfastaz
Bullet Time – Autobots and & Deep Impact
SwingPunk (Aquasky & Masterblaster Remix) – Factor E
The Spanish Tune – Autobots and & Deep Impact
Ultrafunkula – Autobots and & Deep Impact
Get Into It – Far Too Loud & Code Zero
Rock That Shit (Smithmonger remix) – J-Bass & Journeyman

*technically it was 2 takes, but during the first take my minidisc recorder ran out of batteries

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