Friday 12 October 2007


I wrote this on Feb 2 1989 for an English class.

It won an English award and was printed in the school newsletter.

From memory, we had to write a poem about our summer holidays.

Sandcastles stand tall and proud in the sun, dotted all along the beach
looking like they'll stop the incoming sea, and it's evil inhabitants -
like the crab with it's sideways walking and killer claws, the jelly fish
with it's amorphous mass and shocking stinging weapon, and the tiny,
tiny fish acting as infantry, but not doing all that much to help.

But when the awful and powerful sea comes, flooding the primitive moats
and attacking the feeble walls, they can't stop the deadly attack and
fall like a domino stack, so one by one the succumb and surrender to
the mighty sea. And when it decides to leave, it take the castles, leaving
no trace of battle, so more castles can be rebuilt, and defend yet again.

I found it when I was clearing some of my stuff away, ready to be packed.

I also found my old highschool diary, which is from 1986.

God damn I was a fucking wiener.

I signed it off "Crambo". I was beaten up and spat on nearly every day, totally obsessed over one girl, and all in all a total nutcase. I'm sure if I was American I would have shot up my school...

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