Wednesday 19 December 2007

Spoilt little rich girl

Oh, poor Hilary Martin.

Went to Brisbane Girls Grammar School and leaves school and through mummy and daddy slipping a couple of bucks the editors way gets published in the Australian.

She sounds like a spoilt little brat to me.

I went to quite possibly the worse public school in South Australia in the late 80s / early 90s... And I wouldn't give up what I was taught there for all the world.

In my year 12, we had an English Teacher who was just stuffing around for the year, so at the halfway mark, when we still hadn't read any books, we took action.

We went to the head of English, and the head of the school, and got a new teacher.

But do you know WHY we felt we could take action?

Because, unlike miss silver spooner here, we were taught independent thought! We were underprivileged and were taught by the good teachers, the ones you would probably dismiss as "stupid lefties", to fight for what we believed in!

We were taught not to sit back and take crap. And we didn't.

I was told I would amount to nothing, and treated as such, just because of where I came from.

Yet I got through school with excellent results, got a degree and post grad diploma, I'm now doing something I absolutely love and am the envy of most of my peers.

If she didn't like her schooling she should have done something about it a long time ago.

Why is she whinging about her schooling now? Why criticise and moan like a little girl after the fact?

It can't help her now.

If she acted at the time, she might have helped not only herself, but all the other people in her school, like we did.

God, I hate people like this.

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