Tuesday 25 March 2008

Why? Why!? WHY!?!?!

Apple and Microsoft spent millions of dollars on developing FREE video editing software and it's pretty simple to use, so why is it that NOBODY edits videos on youtube?

Everybody just sits there and talks into a camera, "Big Brother" style. Is the world really full of so many morons?

Staring into a camera and talking for 5 minutes is NOT INTERESTING, no matter HOW WITTY YOU THINK YOU ARE.

I was browsing a few things, and being an atheist myself I saw one titled "the Amazing Atheist", and decided to watch.

After a minute or so of him yabbering on and procrastinating, I shut it off. If he's amazing, then I'm afraid us atheists are in a lot of trouble because he was pretty uninspiring.

Check this guy out here... And compare it to a preacher such as Tye Tribbett

Yeah, sure, Tribett is full of shit, but if I was some impressionable young kid looking for meaning in the world, I'd know who I'd prefer to listen to...

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