Wednesday 16 June 2010

Seriously good at my job

OK, ok, I know I promised to update this site more often, but it's not happening.

Firstly, I don't like posting from my iphone. I find the app too annoying, and the touch keypad too awkward for long posts.

I'm getting up at 6am, getting home at 6pm, and when I get home from work I just want to catch up on the day I've missed by reading Kotaku, IO9, Gizmodo, The Older Gamers, inthemix, Penny Arcade, my Google Reader links, and Facebook.

And of course, cook and eat dinner, watch the news, and play videogames. Because of the early mornings and 2 hour travelling time a day, by 10pm I'm ready for bed.

So I have very little time to blog.

And besides, I'd just bitch about how much I fucking hate Call Centre work for exposing me to the flotsam and jetsam of this great country we call Australia, which is hardly productive.

Unsurprisingly enough, I'm very good at my job. I came second in the class overall after James, who has worked in a call centre with the program Seibel before.

I also got a 100% Customer Satisfaction Survey in my first week, and hit most of the early targets that have been set for us n00bs.

And the call centre has some of the nicest looking women I have seen in Melbourne to date.

But I can't help but think, when I'm applying myself like this to a shit job that's going to take me nowhere and make me hate most of the obviously underprivileged people of whom I used to call Brothers and Sisters in the fight against "Da Man!" by exposing me to their sheer stupidity and unwillingness to learn (I mean how fucking hard is it to understand a god damn phone bill!? ), what do you think is going to happen when I get a decent job in gaming or music journalism?

Actually I can see my eagerness and amazing talent is probably frightening to perspective employers, and I think that's why I have been unsuccessful in gaining a job in games or music journalism to date...

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