Tuesday 21 June 2011

Funky J back on the airwaves!

So, I have finally found a way to get back on the airwaves!

There's this great new streaming service called Turntable.fm.

You sign up using your facebook log in, and you can select any number of rooms generally split into genres.

For those DJs amongst us, you can create a list of tunes from their databank (or upload your own if they're not in there) and spin tracks alongside 4 other DJs, taking it in turns.

You have avatars which you can level up through playing music, and can become fans of other DJs, subscribe to email lists which tell you when your favourite DJs are playing, can use Twitter and Facebook to announce what and when you're playing, and can use text based chat to mention where bands are from, talk about gigs, talk about boobs, whatever.

I've been playing in the Hiphop Jazz Funk room, which introduced me to some damn good music, and I introduced some Americans to some fine Aussie hiphop via Hilltop Hoods, Delta, Funkwig & Denorthwode, Funkoars, Katalyst and others.

It's lots of fun, and if you like sharing your music then give it a try!

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