Wednesday 16 December 2015

Website is down

So, it appears Mambo and PHP aren't getting along right at the moment, and I can't be fucked troubleshooting and fixing it (although I used to do that very thing for a living ...)

So in the meantime I've taken down and will look at alternatives to Mambo. I'll probably switch to whatever the cool kids are using these days... Wordpress most likely.

My biggest concern is I'm not 100% sure I have all the originals of the articles I had online due to a hard drive crash last year, and if I can't get any of it out of the Mambo db, I might abandon it altogether.

Of course, this sucks in terms of the number of hits I was getting for various articles, which, although old, were still viewed by about 20 people (or more likely robots) per week. Still, pagehits motherfuckers!

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