Sunday 24 April 2005

Moving time!


This blog has moved again!

This time it's moved for good! It will now be a part of

There will be less reviews - they'll go into the main section of my site - and more of me crapping on!

Oh, and I should add that I'm going to be moving house again soon.

Unlike last time I moved, I'm looking forward to it!
I love my current housemate to bits, and she's been very good to live with since breaking up with my ex, but she wants to move to the 'burbs so her cats can have a nice grassy lawn to play in.
I, on the otherhand, prefer city life. It's great for me - nearly everything I do is in the city, and seeing as how I have no car and license it's central to buses etc.
The house I'm moving out to is SOOOOO cute! I don't normally think architecture in terms of "cute" or whatever, but this house is so cool!
I cant' wait to move, but I will miss my current flatmate heaps...

as we say... FOC!

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