Monday 25 April 2005

Hacker attacks music file sharers

According to this report - Hacker attacks music file sharers - a worm disguised as a DVD ripping program is making it's rounds on P2P networks.

Apparently it looks through your harddrives and removes any and all MP3 files.

Am I being majorly cynical, or could this be the work of the RIAA and MPIA in order to punish file sharers?

For why would a hacker, who generally in principle, is for music and DVD copying, write this? Why would a hacker, who hacks and uses tools to get around copyright and reverse engineer do something like this?

I know there are people who are simply writing virus for the fun of it, but this one seems far more nefarious in nature...

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  1. Anonymous7:13 am

    I believe people hate the RIAA and they are going to do anything to stop their efforts against what RIAA calls the theft of its intellectual property. It's obviously that the wiping out of the hard drives of the downloaders is a dastardly deed of the Hackers who are motivated by the hatred against the RIAA.

    I entreat the RIAA to financially support the drive to change the methpd of browsing that will put the pirates as well as hackers out of business as described at