Wednesday 8 June 2005

iTunes is more popular than P2P filesharing.

According to this report on Tom's Hardware Guide iTunes is more popular than P2P filesharing.

It's not really that surprising, considering the amount of iPods sold, and the "coolness" attached to Apple's service.

It's also not surprising because people in general don't want to do illegal things.

People never thought "lets share music and rip off record companies"

I STILL reject the notion that filesharing rips off artists... Record Companies rip off artists... they did long before file sharing became a problem, and you don't hear of too many big bands or big lables dying because of loss of profit directly related to filesharing do you... Small companies maybe... But I digress...

People thought "let's share music like we always have"... and because there was no ligitimate way to do that, they did it illegally.

But it also begs the question - WHERE THE FUCK IS iTUNES AUSTRALIA???

It's shocking that we do not have a local iTunes store up and running yet. Australia is always quick to pick up new technology, and Apple is doing themselves a massive disservice by being late on this.

If I was a direct competitor of Apple / iPod / iTunes, I'd have a working store that integrated smoothly with my device, and beat Apple to its customers.

But alas, we have to suffer the whim of the big A, and continue to use our iPods illegally...

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