Thursday 2 June 2005


Have you seen that episode of Lost, where the brother of the really hot blond chick gets whacked in the head by the old guy, and gets salve put on his head? But the salve is hallucinogenic, and he trips out and you find out he screwed his (half) sister? and when his sister dies in his trippy hallucination, he feels 'relieved'?

That's how I feel. Relieved.

I just found out my ex girlfriend is moving to the UK. She's finally exiting my life.

But I'm actually jealous.

Not because she's with another guy or whatever, I couldn't care less, but I would LOVE to live in the UK.

I could go out for the music I like every single fucking night. Ninja Tunes. NuSkool breaks. DnB. Northern Soul. Dub and Reggae.

I could take a pilgrimage to Manchester and Factory... home of Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and the Orb.

I could spend the weekend at a "all-nighter", listening to Northern Soul.

I could go to Sheffield and visit the studios of the designers republic.

I mean, PWEI reformed and I missed it coz I'm in the ass end of the world with people who don't even know what "pop will eat itself" could possibly mean sociologically/historically, let alone know that they're one of the best indie bands in the history of indie bands.

And the plays that happen in the East end... and the art shows... and it's proximity to Europe... and the pirate radio... And the culture - A thousand year old castles, 3,000 year old pagan temples! OH YOUR GOD how cool is that?!?

Hell, even the fact it costs 300 pounds to fly to the US! I could visit my Abducted friends every year! How cool would that be!!! Me and Nathan at Burning Man. Me and Jen at Mardi Gras. Me and Alloni at, errr... well somewhere cool!

and the computer game trade shows... E3 every year. Leipzig every year, Tokyo game show... all the greatest game shows.

Fuck. Grrr.

Well, at least I'm working here in a job I thoroughly enjoy with nice people, and I do what I've always wanted to do - DJ in clubs and on radio, write for Adelaide's coolest street mag, and review computer games for Australia's best Xbox website.


In times like this I only have a prayer, and I don't particularily belive in God...

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change what I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

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