Wednesday 12 October 2005

More Apple Hate!

Why do people think Apple is the bizniz when it comes to "user friendly"?

For example, I listen to LOTS of mix CDs, and when I import them to iTunes it does it by Artist / CD Title, so now I've got about 14 million 'artist' folders with one 'album' folder with one song in them. That's NOT very well organised, and I can't see a way to change that.

The ONLY way I can see around this every single time I put a mix CD, is to make sure I press "ctrl + I" and mark as "record is a compilation", which of course isn't user friendly at all, BUT A FUCKING PAIN IN THE ARSE!

Oh, and god forbid if you ever let iTunes organise your music folder... I did that at home and it RUINED MY MP3 COLLECTION.

I have lots of mashup and legitimate user created MP3s that have a name like "artist_TrackTitle.mp3" and nothing inside the file - I know what it is by it's MP3 name. But iTunes doesn't like that.

It took me 6 hours to correct the "organising" iTunes decided to do, which was more like coming into a library, grabbing anything that doesn't have the title and author written on the inside cover, and throwing it into the air.

And yet Apple / Mac users claim Apple is better than PC / Microsoft... pfft!!!

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