Thursday 27 October 2005

Doom the Movie

Saw it last night (for free... thanks Dan!)

quick review:

The music score is by Clint Mansel of Pop Will Eat Itself (he also did music for Requiem For a Dream and Sahara)
The Rock's face does indeed look like the hapless marine in the original Doom game, especially when he gets the BFG.
Good lighting that matches Doom III's feel (although this is probably more a reflection on the goodness of the game than the goodness of the movie)
The first person scene is pretty good.
Samantha Grimm (Rosamund Pike)

Doom I (the game) had a better storyline. The film was predictable and lame.
The acting is pretty dull. The Rock is the Rock, Keith Urban is under utilised, Rosamund Pike doesn't get her tits out, and the dialogue is pretty damn awful most of the time.
NO HELL! Doom is all about demons from hell. Anything else is NOT Doom.
Moreover they kept refering to Mars being "Hell" and the monsters as "Those Demons", but the creatures were genetically engineered... make up your friggin mind.
Not enough gun play - Doom is all about killing demons.
The end credits are whack... what were they thinking!?!

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