Tuesday 26 December 2006

James Brown is Dead: Long Live the Godfather of Soul!

RIP James Brown 1933-2006

"The pope told me that I should never come to church, because I can do more out there (on the street)… Music is the soul of the people. That’s why I’m the Godfather of Soul. I wouldn’t want to be anything else — wouldn’t want to be a king, or an emperor. I just want to be with the people." - James Brown

James Brown was a musical genius and his influence is found in all genres of modern music; without him there wouldn't be any music worth listening to.

A consummate performer and prolific artist, his music will live on through soul, funk, and hiphop, all which owe their success to this wonderful artist!

I'm so, so glad I went and saw him earlier this year in Melbourne, and although I've only got a few blurry photos, his stage presence, even at 73, will live with me forever.

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