Friday 8 December 2006

New Mix Online!

New Mix Online!

Here's the MP3 of a mix I did the other weekend.

It's called "
How I Rock", which isn't me blowing my own horn (Ok, well maybe a little ) but actually came about after I mixed 'The Smiths Tune' (which samples 'How Soon is Now') with 'When I Rock'.

It's a little less hard than I normally like to play, but I've been playing a lot of early night sets recently so have adjusted my style to suit the crowds. And this sound is tending to go off in Adelaide at the moment.

The recording is a bit dodge. It's not too bad in quality - so I thought I'd upload it and give you'll a listen - but it could be a lot better.

As to my mixing, well, I would be lying if I said I couldn't be happier, because I can always be happier with a mix, but to date it's one of my best and cleanest mixes. It's pretty damn good if I do say so myself!

Here's the Track Listing:

Slyde - That's It
Stanton Warriors - Dip & Get Low
30hz & Baobinga - Know Ya
Plump DJs - Soul Vibrates
General Midi - Good To Go
Cut & Run - The Smiths Tune
Split Loop - When I Rock
Stanton Warriors - Hope Time (Rogue Element remix)
Jay Cunning & Smithmonger - Never Stop (Split Loop remix)
Drumattic Twins - Pumped Up Funk
Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Stanton Warriors remix)

Download "How I Rock" now!

And now I've finally hooked up my old PC to my dex, providing I can count on the audio card (it's a bit dodge but think it's a driver / software issue) I should be able to record more of my mixing and post it online.

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