Wednesday 9 April 2008


Apparently hospitals are "over flowing" with people with preventable disease.

Alcohol, tobacco, drug and obesity cost Australia $56 billion and will cost some millions of lives by 2009.

"Health problems are not just about fixing hospitals, we actually have to fix some of the things that mean people end up in hospital."

"With prevention, clogged Hospitals will be freed up" were some of the quotes from the Health Minister.


Who the fuck is this government to tell me how to live?

And what exactly are hospitals for, if not to care for the sick - NO MATTER HOW THEY GOT SICK?

This is simply the Government trying to unload it's burden onto us, the hard working men and women of Australia who deserve a drink, a smoke or a joint.

All they want us to be is happy little worker bees, producing wealth for them and their corporation owning buddies.

"oh, don't be a drain on society, you've got to look after yourself".

Maybe if those pricks worked harder at making this society a better place for us ALL to live, maybe if they instead of opening up markets for banks to rape us, they made banks accountable to communities; instead of pouring billions into shoring up wasteful and unproductive industries like the Motor industry, they concentrated on infrastructure and maintaining control of public assets, we wouldn't feel the need to go home and drink, smoke or get high!

I'm sick of this bullshit nanny state mentality by all governments, left and right wing. I'm sick of these people thinking I need to be controlled, otherwise I'll go off the rails and do something "horrible".

We live in a society that has unprecedented life expectancy. People who are born with disabilities that would have killed them 100 years ago are living to 80 or 90 years old.

Why should it matter if someone wants to drink/smoke/drug themselves to death?

It's just nature's way to even out the population.

No one ever said we should prevent blind children from being able to live their lives the way they want, so why should I be any different because I've chosen to drink?

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