Wednesday 16 July 2008

To all my friends in the Labor party...

To all my friends in the Labor party:

Lee Stevens, Mike Stevens, Nick Champion, Brigid Mahoney, Lee Odenwalder, Lisa Johnstone, Simon Lees, Brear Adams, Simon Flower, and others...

(Yes, I'm calling you all out!)

Please, please, please tell your fucked up leader Kevin Rudd to pull his stupid head out of his arse and stop acting like an opposition politician.

His antics over the green paper are the height of stupidity and foolishness.

He wants Australians to take Climate Change seriously, be willing to accept the pain it will bring, but when he releases what will be the most significant document of his career surrounding the most important issue of the decade, he goes and locks the Liberals and Greens out of the meeting, meaning they will have less time to respond.

How fucking childish, ignorant and selfish can someone be?

As you know, I don't have the greatest understanding of Australian Politics, but I thought that Krudd would have at least wanted to get the outcome of the paper through the Senate.

By locking the Greens and Liberals out of this very important decision making process, he's given them a reason to block the passage of the legislation through the Senate.

So, how is this being serious about Climate Change?

It's obvious Krudd has a half cocked plan that he knows won't get anywhere, so he's just decided to play politics to keep his newspoll results above 70%.

Can someone please inform him THE ELECTION IS OVER? And no one except politicians and journalists even care about those bullshit meters anyway!

He's acting exactly like John Howard, the person you all worked so damned hard to get out of power.

Krudd is not leading on these issues, he's being a politician playing the game, and it's simply not good enough.

I voted for Labor because I wanted change. I wanted a leader who would LEAD. Someone who would take the high road, and make hard decisions. Someone who would work with others to achieve the goals and objectives needed to steer Australia in the right direction, including other political parties.

And come on guys - I've grown up with you. I've talked and raved and ranted and marched and protested with you. I know who you are and what you believe in and what is important to you.

So why are you letting Krudd act like this? Don't you go to countless conferences and party room meetings and dinners and talkfests where these things are planned and discussed? Don't you point out how backwards this kind of mentality is?

Or is the Labor party so entrenched in 20th century thinking that it is as useless as the Liberal Party into leading Australia into the 21st Century?

and I won't even bother to tell you what I think about his pathetic, dickless stance on naked children in photography and art...

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