Sunday 25 April 2010

Anzac Day

Although I'm pretty much a pacifist (although I think politicians who favour party over people should be hung) I'm someone who appreciates Anzac Day.

I've have a few friends who either are or were in the Forces, and plus my Uncle and Aunts served too, so there's army blood in me.

Also, whilst at times I've argued that the wars the Anzacs fought in didn't make a difference to the overall working of the world - for all Hitler's posturing, he was still a capitalist and capitalism has a way of making sure no matter who thinks they're in charge it's the correct functioning of capitalism which is most important - the fact of the matter is those people who fought, survived and died in those wars believed they could make a difference, and were willing to fight for that.

Because that's what is important - willingness to die for a cause, something intangible and noble.

I'll never fight for Australia, because it's only a freak accident I was born here.

But I would fight for my beliefs and my rights, because they're something I think I've earned, and more importantly, deserve to keep.

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