Tuesday 20 April 2010

Cool for Cats

I have no love for Kim Kardashian and her fake tits and vacuous personality

Iin fact if I was to choose saving her over saving a cute little kitty cat, it'd be the cat every time.

At least it's in a cat's nature to be a total cunt. Kim has a choice.

But the hate for her about the cat holding is ridiculous beyond even the incredible size of her fake tits.

Have you ever seen a mother kitty pick up it's little kitty in it's claws and carry it in it's little front paws as it walks on it hind legs as it carries it gently to it's bed?


Cats are carried by the scruff of their neck!
It's natural. It's the way cats evolved. 
There is no way Kardashian would hurt that cat holding it like that.

You know, unlike most of these fucking retards in Animal Liberation groups like PETA, I've read Singer's book on Animal Liberation, and in many ways I do agree and share a similar stance.

But the extremism of these fucking stupid  PETA wanker is worse than the Catholics in their perversion of nature. 
They've taken what could was a beneficial response to a situation and corrupted it by taking it to the extreme limits of human comprehension, along the way forgetting their purpose and goals.
Supporters of PETA are a fucking disgrace to the human race.
Fuck I hate PETA. Fuck off you shit excuses for human beings.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry, but you're totally wrong!
    Only kittens should be carried this way. Adult cats are too heavy for that.
    Holding them on the neck for example by a vet on the table is ok. But don't carry and lift them this way!