Wednesday 19 May 2010


All these opinion pages and blogs and journalists have simply got it wrong.  

I can't understand why none of the so-called political pundits can't figure out what the UK poll, what the Tasmanian Poll, the SA Poll, what the closeness of the Obama win, and so on and so on REALLY means.

It doesn't mean Conservative / Right are winning / losing to the Progressive / Left.

It means people are sick of the current political process. They're sick of the two party political system. They're sick of Lib / Lab, Lab / Tory, Dem / Reps. Sick of the corruption and the lies and the spin. Sick of being fucked over by big business with the support of big government.

Mark my words. By the end of this decade, there will be a land war in Europe and it will be in part because the people were simply fed up with the political processes which result in parties which are too similar, and will vote in an extremist party of some kind who will either a) kill a whole lot of people who they believe don't belong or b) invade another country because of a).

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