Monday 24 May 2010


OK, with YouTube now bringing music clips to the masses, I thought I'd start a weekly "If I were to host Rage" post showcasing my favourite songs and more importantly why I like them

I can't remember who introduced me to Cracker, but this song reminds me of being a teenager. I definitely love the lyric "what the world needs now is another folk singer like I need a hole in the head"
Cracker - Teen Angst.

This reminds me of my good mates back in Adelaide. We used to play D&D and Doom together. Once, my friend Kris started singing alternative lyrics to this song when we were driving and we almost had an accident we were laughing so hard. I still giggle when I hear it.
Queen - Bicycle Race

This was one of the first records I owned. I used to scratch it up on my mum's turntable. She busted me once and I got a hiding and didn't touch records for another 10 years.
Herbie Hancock - Rockit

This track reminds me of when I changed my mind about being in love with a certain girl.
Lyrics Born - I Changed My Mind

Pop Will Eat Itself hold a very special place in my heart, because their music led me places I probably wouldn't have ventured if I never heard them. It was them who led me to Electronic and HipHop music.

Lots of people have songs which remind them of other people and other times. This song in particular reminds me of who I am and why I'm still here.
Pop Will Eat Itself - Dance of the Mad Bastards

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