Friday 22 October 2004

A Current Affair on Video Games

Well, it's good to see ACA has followed up the 60 Minutes report into the video games industry with it's own well considered and researched piece of 'journalism'...

One study conducted in one day with one group of kids PROOVES violent video games affect child behavior of course!

When I first found out about this 'serious investigation into violent videogames' I whipped off an email to the producer of ACA Lucie McGeoch

here's what I sent her:

Hello Lucie,

My name is Julian Cram and I work for Ratbag Games in Adelaide, South Australia.

I read a post you made on the PlayNow video game forums

As someone who has been heavily involved in gaming since I was 12 years old, as well as someone who is a trained journalist, I would hope that your story is balanced and well researched, and not just feeding into the "why won't someone think of the children" frenzy that so often comes from ACA.

I am sure you are aware that the game Manhunt has been linked to a murder in the UK. I am also sure you are aware that the judge dismissed the media claims and said the game had nothing to do with it.

I am sure you are aware that a recent Government Inquiry into expanding tax consessions for film into the billion dollar games industry found that there is no correlation between violent video games and behavior, and also recommended an R18+ ratings be included for video games.

And, knowing these things, I would hope that the balanced story you will produce will feature these very important FACTS and not over-sensationalise to sell advertising space.

Thank you for your time.

Julian Cram
Tester, Webmaster & Customer Support

No response of course...

But, if you're a parent who saw this story, and are concerned about the impact of video games on your children, please check out this link which debunks some of the myths perpetuated by the media and organisations like Young Media Australia, an insidious organisation of "won't someone think of the children" types who justify their government sponsored sallaries with dubious research projects and television appearances on shows such as ACA and Today Tonight.

I don't advocate forcing children to play violent video games - in fact I support an R18+ rating for video games so that children can be better protected from adult content. But the onus should be on parents to take an interest in what their children do, participate with them and monitor their activites.

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