Thursday 21 October 2004

Weird Dream

It's a rare night when I DON'T have a bizzare dream, but last night's dream was pretty damn funny.

I was in my old childhood home, and having a bit of a party. I walked past a room, and the door was open, and there were people in the bed.

"Don't open the door", my mother screamed from within the room, and I saw the figure of a male friend of mine get out of the bed.

My friend and my mother had been getting it on!

I simply said "the door was already open", and then they started arguing over how it was going to affect me. I told them it was OK, I was cool with it, and to enjoy themselves!

Then I went into the lounge, where my first ex was cooking a BBQ, and my second ex was sitting watching Star Trek, in an episode where everyone was infected with a virus that made everyone rave (dance), including the BORG. I sat down next to her, told her about seeing my mum and my friend, and she said "I thought he was gay". I said that's just what we joke about, and then she and I snuggled on the couch watching the BORG gettin' jiggy to some really funky 70's porn music

I then woke up, laughing.

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