Saturday 30 October 2004

rockin' it!

I played a gig for the first time in two months last night, and I was rockin' it!

I started off playing funk for about half an hour, then started playing hiphop. At about 11pm, there was a bit of a crowd, and I dropped some new school breaks, mixing and cutting and even scratching! Not much though, because I'm not good at scratching... yet.

I don't like it when people request stuff, mainly because I won't have it and it's usually not in line with what I'm playing, but no one did last night, which is good. What's better is when people come up and ask what tunes I play, and had more than a few people come up, one girl with a pen and paper! (she was cute too! should have given her my number too...)

I've always been the 'music man', the guy who would comandeer the car stereo "can I put a tape in?" and through DJing at clubs, seeing heads bob and people start dancing, it's a natural extension of that.

I used to think I was getting too old to be mixing and DJing in clubs... I think it IS a young persons career, and you have to be really dedicated to do it and make it.

But for me it's not a career, nor would I want it to be. DJing is something I love to do, as a hobby, and I'd rather do it like I do than have to do it every week, whether I wanted to or not.

But recently I have been inspired by Steinski, who was 32 when he did the Payback Mix (Lesson One) in 1983, and he's just about to embark on a tour of Australia at the ripe age of 50 something!

He (amongst other people) have made me realise that 30 ISN'T old, it isn't the end of your life. If I'm lucky I'll live to I'm about 70 or 80, meaning my life isn't even half over, and there is so much to achieve.

He is the coolest person I have interviewed, and once I get off my arse I'm going to put it online.

Check out Steinksi's "Nothing To Fear: A Rough Mix" in the meantime!

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