Wednesday 27 July 2005

Can anyone say "er der!"???

From the magnificent Guardian Newspaper, a survey today has 'discovered' online file sharers 'buy more music'.

Sure, it's only an incredibly small sample of 600 people, but every single person I know who downloads also buys records or CDs.

The problem ISN'T downloading. It's the music.

When Record Labels pay for air time and the Australian Recording Industry Australia chart features that fucking frog RING TONE at number 1 and that ever annoying chimpmunk Lonely tune at number 2, record execs can no longer point their fingers at downloading for the pathetic state of music sales.

IT'S THE RECORD COMPANIES MISMANAGEMENT that has caused the decline in spending on music, and nothing else. It's their refusal to support anything even remotely new or interesting for the last two decades that has caused people to look elsewhere for entertainment.

Furthermore Video Games and DVD/Video sales have increased tremendously, and as people have only so much money of course music will decline - something has to.

Every decade people bemoan the death of music, and I've gotta say this is the worst decade so far for popular music. I can't even stand Triple J anymore, prefering independent community stations like Radio Adelaide and 3D Radio, or internet radio like, and

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