Sunday 10 July 2005

It's not all cherry apples for Aussie podcasters!

Screw Apple and it's treatment of Australians!

What am I going on about this time??? iTune's well lauded podcasting 'feature'.

Sure, you can subscribe to any podcast you want, but guess what?

You can only add a podcast to the iTunes database if you have a valid Apple Store account.

Because you can't put an Australian address down for your credit card, that means no Australian can get a valid account, so WE ARE unable to add OUR podcast to the iTunes database!

I've been sitting here for the last hour just trying to find a way around this stupid limitation, but to no avail!

Even if you put your AOL screen name in, but have Australia listed as your country in your profile, then you get a "your country doesn't have enough people in it to matter to us!" error...

I would ask someone who does have an Apple account to enter it for me, but I want control over the information supplied to Apple.

If I'm missing something, if I'm wrong about this, I'm more than willing to be educated on the task of getting my podcast on the Apple list... just leave a comment!

*oh yeah, wondering why you got a 404 error when you clicked the iTunes link? Because iTunes doesn't operate in Australia yet either...

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