Wednesday 20 July 2005

living alone

So, essentaially for the last two weeks I've been living alone.

My old flatmate moved out with her girlfriend, and my new flatmate isn't set to move in until this weekend.

And it's been rather fun.

I thought I might dislike it, being alone, but although I did miss the company of another person, it was actually quite good.

I liked the fact:

- I could walk around nude (not that I did - too cold!)

- I had no real responsibility to another (not that I don't want it - but I didn't have to go home and feed a cat for example)

- I could leave the dishes for a week (not that I did - I needed to wash so I could use the wok)

- I could be as loud as I wanted (not that I'm too loud anyway - except when DJing)

It was quite a lot of fun too... I stayed up to all hours of the morning on a 'school night' playing games and watching TV without worrying about waking anybody.

BUT having said all of that, I'm really looking forward to my new flatmate moving in. We lived together about 7 years ago, but that was bad - she and my other flatmate were seeing the same guy, she was crazy and it was just all a big headfuck.

But now she's grown up (as have I) and become a very mature and lovely girl who I'm happy to share my cute little house with (photos soon - I promise).

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